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CAP, as the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and, as a humanitarian, non-profit organization, has garnered the support and commitment of its 61,000 unpaid professional members,alongside a four-person AE team at the CAP National Headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama.  CAP has answered the nation’s “call to action” to prepare our nation’s youth to be patriotically and technologically prepared for the global demands of the future.

Although the Civil Air Patrol has been making significant contributions to aviation and aerospace education since its founding in 1941, it has embraced a 21st century leadership role with restructured, revised, and re-energized products and programs more relevant to today’s standards of learning and tomorrow’s STEM workforce needs.

AE’s interdisciplinary products and programs engage youth in an applicable, inquiry-based learning framework that supplements core subjects and enhances traditional learning. These academic standards-based products and programs are provided to educators at no cost, a fact that helps to offset the lack of local, state, and federal funding for educational programs.

CAP is tasked by Congress to promote Aerospace Education to its members and the general public to share the importance of aerospace power and the pivotal role it plays in the security of our nation. To accomplish this mission, CAP provides AE products and programs to more than 27,000 cadets (ages12-20), 35,000 adult members, and 2,000 teacher members who impact over 200,000 general students annually.

In addition, CAP trains its unpaid professional members in cutting edge technology that continues to sustain CAP’s reputation and recognition as a national force multiplier, especially in emergency situations. High-level technology provided by CAP, such as hyperspectral imaging and Surrogate Predator training are cost-effective programs conducted by highly-trained CAP members.  Most recently CAP has begun deploying Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS ... drones) for use in disaster relief, emergency services and homeland security.

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